Our Story

Universal Distribution Center is a family owned company and has been established for 30 years. We are a Business to Business company providing products to diverse customer demographics which range from variety stores, department stores, retail stores, and even E-Commerce stores. We commenced with countless retail stores of our own and have grown to become a reliable source for many different categories of markets. Combining our retail knowledge history along with our knowledgeable R&D team, we make certain that only the best in style products that accommodate to our clientele standards are introduced in the market. Today we offer over 5000+ different products in a vast array of categories that range from Aluminum, Air Freshner, Candle, Cleaning Product, Health & Beauty, Foam and paper Goods, plastic, Pet and even Food items as well.

We aim to provide our customers with unique products and designs all while focusing on quality and value. With over 30 years of experience in the industry and attaining further expertise in international trading, supply chain management, and performing due diligence on manufactures, we have proven ourselves as reliable assets to our associates.

Our Mission

With over 30 years of experience in the industry of general merchandising we at Universal Distribution Center are making the things you need and want in life easily accessible. We continue to be committed in providing the most exceptional customer service for our clients, aligned with top quality products.

We continue to grow the variety of our products by consistently analyzing new trends and innovative concepts to always keep our products at the highest market standard. We offer customized programs and competitive prices to fulfill the needs of all our customers from online stores, retailers, and different wholesalers, nationally and internationally.

We are excited to be part of your business, and are looking forward to working with you soon. Thank you from our family at Universal Distribution Center!

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